Howto – Adobe Flashplayer for X86_64

Unfortunaltely no Flashplayer for x86_64 exists. So far. Now the Adobe Labs released the libflashplayer for x86_64. It is very easy to run it on openSUSE.

First of all, you must download it.  Go to

Then go to the bottom of the page, and klick on „Download 64-Bit Plugin for Linux“. Now you will see an Dialogbox. At this place you can download the tar.gz File to an Place, you wish.

After them, you go to your shell, and go into the Directory, that you have specified in the Dialogbox. Now you type: „tar xvfz libflashplayer-{insert your Version].tar.gz“. After unpacking you will see an file called „“.

Now you have two alternatives:

1.)  If you are the only one on your Computer, you can move the file to: ~/.mozilla/plugins.

2.) If you have more Persons at the computer, you move the file to: /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/

After an Restart from Firefox you can use this new plugin.

From the Developers Side the Plugin is in unstable Status. But it works for me very fine. If you would like, try it out. …

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5 Responses to Howto – Adobe Flashplayer for X86_64

  1. BenderBendingRodriguez says:

    By the way, uninstalling nspluginwrapper really helps if You have any problems.

  2. Michal Smrž says:

    Are you sure with /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/?
    I have not this directory.
    I put it to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins (and thought it have to be put in there).

    BTW, it works without problems for me too.

  3. Adam Jimerson says:

    Same here /usr/lib/mozilla.plugins/ is not on my system but putting the plugin in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins works with no problems.

  4. John Bailo says:

    Thank you. I have wanted Adobe 10 for opensuse 64 for the longest time. The fullscreen is supposed to work much more smoothly.

    Your installation instructions worked perfectly for me.

  5. Daniel says:

    I really need to uninstall previous flash plugins? (nspluginwrapper , gnash, etc) or I can install Adobe Flashplayer for X86_64 directly?

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