Happy Birthday RadioTux



Many People thought at 1 April 2001, that is a hoax. Few Linuxuser announced, that they would like to create an Radio about Linux. 2001 Streaming was not cheap, so the Guys behind RadioTux looks for another Way. Radio on demand now known as Podcast.

At first April 2001 Steffen Zoerning and Ingo Ebel starting the Open Project Radiotux [1], an free Internet Radio. The Themes now are similar to the beginning Themes: Informations about LINUX and the OpenSource Scene.
RadioTux has the following Guests: John `Maddog` Hall, Richard Stallman (GNU Founder), Hans Reiser, Marc Shuttleworth (Ubuntu Founder), Klaus Knopper (Knoppix Founder). In the meantime many People are standing behind the open Project.

Now we celebrating the 8th Birthday, and RadioTux has an new, fresh Internet-Presence. The whole Archive of the past broadcasts, the actual Brodcasts and actual Informations are ported to the New Site. Through the Mailinglist everyone can join to the Team or can give an Feedback.

RadioTux sends on his Birthday a new Magazine-Broadcast, as OGG-Vorbis or MP3.The broadcast can be recieved via an Livestream or on the next Day via Podcast.
The Themes are Radiotux itself, an Article about the Mindmapping Tool XMind and the Virtualisation Software KVM. The next Themes are Groupware-Solutions. The first Broadcast from this Series are with the Theme Zarafa.

[1] http://radiotux.de

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