Internet Manifesto

Today our medias are important. In times with social Networks, Search Machines and Youtube we must remind our Life. Some Geeks has defined a new manifesto with 17 Declarations.

  • The Internet is different.
  • The Internet is a pocket-sized media empire.
  • The Internet is our society is the Internet.
  • The freedom of the Internet is inviolable.
  • The Internet is the victory of information.
  • The Internet changes improves journalism.
  • The net requires networking.
  • Links reward, citations adorn.
  • The Internet is the new venue for political discourse.
  • Today’s freedom of the press means freedom of opinion.
  • More is more – there is no such thing as too much information.
  • Tradition is not a business model.
  • Copyright becomes a civic duty on the Internet.
  • The Internet has many currencies.
  • What’s on the net stays on the net.
  • Quality remains the most important quality.
  • All for all.

The full manifesto can viewed under: (English Version) (German Version)


Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

2 Responses to Internet Manifesto

  1. Chris Webb says:

    Hmm good list, cant say that I agree with most of them though?!

  2. Kate Webb says:

    You are mad Chris! They are all exactly 100% spot on..

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