Association Subscribers Manager (assuma) 3.0.1 for openSUSE packaged!

Association Subscribers Manager allow any association you might also call it „clubs“ (like sports clubs or art clubs) to manage easily a large number of subscribers. It runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and windows systems thanks to the Qt 4 framework.


It can be downloaded in these openSUSE Repositorys:

  1. KDE:KDE4:Community

Have a lot of fun.

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3 Responses to Association Subscribers Manager (assuma) 3.0.1 for openSUSE packaged!

  1. Aaron Seigo says:

    that’s a rather nice start, and a pretty clever name 😉


    will it eventually be able to generate reminders and reports for renewal (e.g. yearly payment of membership fees) perhaps even integrating with one of the KDE financial packages? (kraft would seem to be the best fit there imo)

    there’s a „send summary“ button in the member details page, but the tutorials on youtube (nicely done as well, btw 🙂 didn’t cover it. does that send a membership info summary by email, or? could this use akonadi at some point to be able to send out emails to members?

    does it integrate with SQL databases? (i’m thinking that this in particular would be a killer feature for web site integration)

    lots and lots of potential here. i’ve been a member of a number of associations (from KDE e.V. to Linux user groups to football clubs to political activism groups) and such a tool would have been terrific.

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