Live from the openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg (2)

Now we’ve finished our third Day in the openSUSE Conference. I’ve started with hearing about Andreas Jaegers Talk „Overview about openSUSE“.  After his talk i give my talk „Softwareprograms in Linux, Presentation important Software.“ I’ve prepared my Slides, and have prepared some Programs for Presentation. But sadly my Notebook can’t connect with the Beamer 😦 So i used Andreas Jaegers Notebook. But there was the Problem, that he uses an Splitscreen. That means, that he can let show the People one Site, and he can show on his Notebook another. So my talk runs good to the Time who i would present some Programs live. Now was the Presentation away and i can’t show the People the Software. After Minutes (from my view it was an very long time) i have found my Presentation and have finished my talk,. It was good, that i have prepared some slides with Screenshots from the applications. But it would better if i have present the Software Life. But now i’ve learned Murphys Law 🙂 After me Henne Vogelsang talked about „How i become an Developer“. After the Lunch i was in Klaas Freitags Talk „openSUSE for little and middle companys: offerings and bills“. That was an interesting Talk. Klaas explained how to run an Windows Program using Wine. And he has presented his own Software Kraft.With Kraft the companys can makes Bills and Offerings. They can use KAdressbook for inserting business contacts. Then they can make an Database for Workingpositions and  Loan. At the Moment this Software is optimized for gardeners and landscaping. But maybe Klaas can make your own Version too .-) After them i was in the BarCamp.My Friend Jan-Simon Moeller has builded an openSUSE Distribution for ARM Prozessors. In the BarCamp we’ve seen his good Work.

Tomorrow we start at 09.30 am with „OpenSUSE Legal“. Very hard Stuff after awakening 😀 After that we have from 10:30 – 12:15 Lightning Talks about „What we learned at the openSUSE Conference“. i will speak about my new personal Project. Yesterday i’ve wrtten about that. I plan to create an new OBS Repository „Medical“ and include there Software for Medical Professionals and patients. Then if i have packaged all, i use SUSEstudio for creating an special Version for medical professional needs.

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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