16 years old Boy want to become an Hacker (ChatLog)

Very interesting people we can find in the Web. Now an Log from an 16 years old Boy from greece, who like to become an Hacker 🙂

[23:07:33] Gemeinsame Channels mit Guest9107 [n=john@athedsl-4440896.home.otenet.gr]: #opensuse-buildservice
[23:07:33] <Guest9107> hi sasca
[23:07:37] <Guest9107> you there?
[23:07:46] <|saigkill|> I think yes
[23:08:47] <Guest9107> nc
[23:09:16] <Guest9107> i have one question you are hacker?
[23:09:28] <|saigkill|> A little bit.
[23:09:44] <Guest9107> oo nice
[23:09:44] <|saigkill|> But first, who are you?
[23:09:57] <Guest9107> im new man
[23:10:04] <Guest9107> new*
[23:10:14] <Guest9107> and i dont know this programms
[23:10:18] <Guest9107> what to do
[23:10:29] <Guest9107> but i have questions
[23:10:39] <Guest9107> how can i take some password
[23:10:53] <Guest9107> ?
[23:11:14] <|saigkill|> You want to hack an other PC?
[23:11:34] <Guest9107> maybe but can hack msn
[23:11:39] <Guest9107> and take password
[23:11:40] <Guest9107> ?
[23:12:16] <|saigkill|> You have the Option in MSN to recover an Password.
[23:13:07] <Guest9107> no look some friends is very stupid and i need password for your msn to delete all
[23:13:07] <|saigkill|> Or want you to Hack an other Account (not your own)?
[23:13:56] <|saigkill|> For that you must contact MSN. AFAIK it doesn’t exist an master Password for MSN.
[23:14:03] <|saigkill|> Or change to Jabber…
[23:14:20] <Guest9107> oooo is very hard
[23:14:22] <Guest9107> ?
[23:16:02] <Guest9107> tell me what you know for hacker
[23:16:06] <Guest9107> ?
[23:16:24] <Guest9107> maybe like me
[23:16:28] <Guest9107> what know
[23:16:49] <|saigkill|> Hacking an MSN Account is not interesting. make an Study in TCP/IP and Ports and so on.
[23:17:03] <Guest9107> ok i dont need msn
[23:17:19] <Guest9107> can i hack facebook
[23:17:19] <Guest9107> ?
[23:17:26] <Guest9107> or hotmail
[23:17:28] <Guest9107> ?
[23:18:14] <|saigkill|> Why do you want to hack anything outside? Learn how your computer works, and then you find out how BruteForce runs…
[23:19:21] <Guest9107> ok i dont need
[23:19:25] <Guest9107> but tell me man
[23:19:38] <Guest9107> what you know for hack
[23:19:56] <|saigkill|> http://www.ccc.de/hackerethics?language=en
[23:21:41] <Guest9107> for hack another pc must know ip?
[23:21:51] <|saigkill|> Sure
[23:22:18] <Guest9107> and next
[23:22:19] <Guest9107> ?
[23:22:44] <|saigkill|> Learn TCP/IP then you find out what you need.
[23:22:56] <Guest9107> tcp/ip where is ?
[23:23:09] <|saigkill|> google TCP/P
[23:23:18] <Guest9107> oo ty
[23:23:29] <Guest9107> ty=thanks
[23:23:31] <Guest9107> you know?
[23:24:58] <|saigkill|> And you are John from greece?
[23:25:07] <Guest9107> yea
[23:25:26] <Guest9107> and you where are you from?
[23:25:32] <|saigkill|> Germany
[23:25:37] <Guest9107> nc
[23:25:50] <Guest9107> how old are you?
[23:25:55] <|saigkill|> 30
[23:26:04] <Guest9107> im 16 years old
[23:26:11] <|saigkill|> That i thought
[23:26:52] <Guest9107> hehe im small but i need learn hacker
[23:27:01] <Guest9107> is very good
[23:27:09] <Guest9107> but is very hard
[23:27:10] <Guest9107> 😦
[23:28:11] <|saigkill|> That’s true. But the first thing for hackers is to learn programming (C,C++,python) and Network Protocols. If you don’t understand that, you can’t hack
[23:28:24] <|saigkill|> You need basic informations
[23:28:41] <Guest9107> yea i know
[23:29:19] <Guest9107> but where did you find this (C,C++,python) and Network Protocols to study ?
[23:29:37] <Guest9107> for*
[23:29:52] <|saigkill|> It exists many books for that and millions of Websites
[23:30:03] <Guest9107> a nc
[23:30:17] <Guest9107> tell me some
[23:30:22] <Guest9107> what do you know
[23:30:29] <Guest9107> to hack
[23:30:34] <Guest9107> for*
[23:31:25] <Guest9107> what are you doing now
[23:31:27] <Guest9107> ?
[23:32:13] <|saigkill|> It doesn’t exists an Guidline. To become an Hacker or Programmer it is essencial to think abstract. In your way from Programmer you resolve different problems. If you fix this you are an Hacker.
[23:32:54] <|saigkill|> The Movies about Hackers are not real. The Live from an Hacker is not so…
[23:32:57] <Guest9107> what programmer
[23:32:58] <Guest9107> ?
[23:33:49] <|saigkill|> All kinds of Programmers. Developer from GUI/API or Systemadmins…
[23:34:17] <Guest9107> a ok
[23:39:35] <Guest9107> but i must study books and i understand what to do ?
[23:39:56] <|saigkill|> Yes, a lots of Books
[23:40:12] <Guest9107> a ok
[23:41:41] <Guest9107> but look i have problem
[23:42:02] <Guest9107> one cd name fedora linux 10
[23:42:05] <Guest9107> i cant instal
[23:42:09] <Guest9107> i dont know
[23:42:09] <Guest9107> why
[23:42:10] <Guest9107> ?
[23:42:24] <|saigkill|> What’s the Error? Describe
[23:42:40] <Guest9107> in the folder dont have to say instal
[23:42:55] <Guest9107> have very information
[23:43:06] <Guest9107> folder
[23:43:07] <|saigkill|> You must reboot and the boot from the Disc
[23:43:21] <Guest9107> omg how
[23:43:22] <Guest9107> ?
[23:43:50] <Guest9107> can you help me for this?
[23:43:55] <|saigkill|> reboot, then go to BIOS and set the CD or DVD as default Boot
[23:44:32] <Guest9107> i give cd in the pc and open programms
[23:44:33] <Guest9107> and say
[23:44:43] <Guest9107> image isolinux packages
[23:44:45] <Guest9107> repodata
[23:44:50] <Guest9107> gpl
[23:44:57] <Guest9107> media.repo
[23:45:10] <Guest9107> and many anther
[23:45:18] <Guest9107> anthers*
[23:45:22] <|saigkill|> You can’t install Linux under WIN. You have to reboot and boot from the CD/DVD
[23:45:55] <Guest9107> what is reboot and boot
[23:45:56] <Guest9107> ?
[23:46:22] <|saigkill|> WIndows Startbutton then „New start“
[23:47:02] <Guest9107> i have opensuse is now open
[23:47:08] <Guest9107> windows is closed
[23:47:10] <Guest9107> now
[23:47:36] <|saigkill|> Then put in your CD/DVD and start the CD/DVD
[23:47:49] <Guest9107> i do but nothing
[23:48:24] <Guest9107> cd is starting
[23:48:33] <Guest9107> and is ok
[23:48:39] <Guest9107> dont have problem
[23:48:51] <Guest9107> but windows starbutton where is ?
[23:49:30] <|saigkill|> Now i think that Linux starts
[23:50:00] <Guest9107> i dont know
[23:50:16] <|saigkill|> Do you know what Linux is?
[23:50:34] <Guest9107> little
[23:53:44] <Guest9107> man goodluck for proggrams to have goodjob i need go goodnicht see you later man
[23:53:58] <|saigkill|> ok cu
[23:54:14] Guest9107 [n=john@athedsl-4440896.home.otenet.gr] hat den IRC verlassen: „Leaving“

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

8 Responses to 16 years old Boy want to become an Hacker (ChatLog)

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  2. sts301 says:

    Ahhhh, it hurts reading this text.

  3. Peter Müller says:


  4. Dean says:

    lol…and I thought I’m a n00b. (btw I’m 17, and at least know what booting means 😛 )

  5. GN says:

    I think you got trolled 😉

  6. häckerle says:

    Trolled !

    btw you tend to say „It exists / It does not exist“ which is a literal translation of a german expression, the common way of saying this is „there is / there is no“ 🙂

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