How to make an Podcast

Maybe you have asked yourself how to make an own Podcast. This Howto would like to clearing this Question.

What needed:

1.) Audacity
2.) free Music
3.) running Soundsystem.

Step 1.)

First of all we creating an Intro and Outrofile. For that you must search free intrumental Backroundmusic. Free Music you find as Example in Jamendo. If you have found an  Music you can save this in an Folder. In my System i’m using an Folder „Radiotux“.

Then you start Audacity. What you see is an empty Project. Now you go to the Recordbutton. You see, that an Marker goes to the next Seconds. Now you can say in the Micro anything like „OpenSUSE Weekly News …… with Joe doe … Welcome to issue Number“. After you spoken issue Number, you break and wait a pair Seconds. Now you import your Musicfile. Now we can see zwo Channels. Through using Effects/Amplify you can aedit both Channels. The first Channel with your Voice you can go to more dB and the Musictrack lesser dB. In the Musicchannel: We using Fade in and fade out for slow beginning and ending.


Now you can save this through using „Export to..“Then you close the Project and open an new.

2.) Body: For the Body you can create an new Project and you say whatever you want. Then you import the Musictrack and you can edit both Tracks. You make Volume up to the Voicetrack and Volume down In this Project we using Fade out an fade in for slow stopping.

3.) Outro: Se same as 2.)

4.) Puzzle: Now you have to import all File into an new Project.

5.) Tips: If you have an Voicetrack und would like to place an other Track after the Voicetrack, you have to use Genrate/Silence. If Track A have 5 Min, you must generate on the track’s beginning 5 Min Silence. So we have as result an 10 Min track with 5 Min Track A and 5Min Track B.

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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