Call for Participation: openSUSE-Medical

Abstract: I’m pleased to announce an new Subproject from openSUSE: openSUSE_Medical. This new Project tries to package more Software for doctors’s practice or clinical needs. With our work we try to bridge a gap in the market.
Logistic: For better logistic we have opened an new OBS Project called „medical“. You can use it as Repo Our new Wikisite is placed under: There you find our new Mailinglist for our Project.
What is to do? We try to package more Software. I’ve found this List about Free Medical Software. we thought, that we can try to build one Software each purpose. If this is done, we can try to package more Software. But it is important to package not too much. This is an Joy-Project.
What we need: First of all we need Packager. This Project is for beginner’s packaging  and for Packaging Specialists. We have stuff for everyone.

If you want to join our Team, just send a Message to:

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

9 Responses to Call for Participation: openSUSE-Medical

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  6. Fri13 says:

    I suggest the project gets named only as „Project-medical“. Then make for the project the site where is information of all software what is mostly needed. Then documentary how to package them, configure them and what is the foal of the final results (the working system).

    Then make a subproject for that what offers precompiled packages for opensuse and repository.

    This way you can actually start bigger project what other distributors could help and make own subproject to offer own metapackages and packages. This way you would get much bigger community helping when it is not tied to opensuse only. Shouldn’t we try do teamwork here and not just think ourselfs? 😉

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  8. Simon Slater says:

    I manage a veterinary practice in rural Australia. We are in the (slow) process of changing the records from paper to computer. Our accounting package is still MSwindows based and some records are on MSaccess databases. However most computers used here run Fedora varying from release 6 to 11, with most users preferring KDE. The aim with Fedora is to move to a CentOS server and eventually to Red Hat so users have minimal environment change and I can then leave support to Office IT employees and Red Hat support.

    I have been looking for practice management, POS, barcoding etc software for Linux and there is very little that seems to fit a veterinary environment well. I have been thinking of trying OpenSUSE on a couple of desktops to see how people here can manage their own computers without needing my help (Fedora can be daunting, especially at new release time).

    I would be interested in joining this community to help produce a good result for this industry.

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