Converting an *.deb Package to *.rpm

Today i tried to build an Package called „XMind„. But the Sourcecode was very strange. The Projectpage has just *.exe and *.deb Files. So i tried an piece Software called „Alien“. The Program description says, that the Program converts to RPM, DEB, TARGZ and other Formats.

The usage of the Program is „alien [–to-deb] [–to-rpm] [–to-tgz] [–to-slp] [options] file […]„. So in my case i tried alien –to-rpm xmind.deb.

But alien propose that we use the Function –scripts, so the Scripts converted too. And my usage was „alien –to-rpm -scripts xmind.deb

An other interesting feature is the automatic use of Packages: „–patch=patch„. If the Patch is placed into /var/lib/alien the Program uses this Patch to build the Package.

So i think, that i’m using this Program (alien) in some cases in future. Good piece of Software.


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One Response to Converting an *.deb Package to *.rpm

  1. Ionut says:

    Yes, it is really useful. I installed IBM Tivoli Backup Client on Ubuntu even if they offer just rpm packages for download.

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