How to submit a Story to the openSUSE Weekly News?

Sometimes some guys are asking, how to submit a Story to the openSUSE Weekly News. In short: This Process are not magic 😉 First of all i can say, that EVERYONE can submit an Story. If you have an interesting thing, you can go to: . Inside the Dashboard we have Subtitles (eg PlanetSUSE, Projects Corner ,…).  In the Document: we have manifested, which Section to choose. Please read this Document and then you can place your Content into your choosed Section.
BTW: In the Section „Projects Corner“ we place just Stuff inside openSUSE. Other not openSUSE related Stuff, like KDE/GNOME or so, we’re using the „On the Web“ Section. In the Section „Planet SUSE“ we place Stuff inside openSUSE. But not just Posts from PlanetSUSE. We can place other openSUSE related Stuff there.

Which Format we use?

The Title has the following Format:

;[Your URL “’Title“‘]                                    As Example:    ;[ “’The Medical Team“‘]
Between the URL and the “‘ is one space. This Format is for all Sections, but not the „On the Web“ Section. In „On the Web“ Section we’re using the following Format:

;[Your URL“’Hoster/Name of the original Author: Title“‘]         As Example:     ;[ “’ Manns: Now the Title“‘]

Hoster means the Webside who hosts this Information. Typically this is some like IBMDeveloperNetowork, ghacks or CNET.  Then the Name of the original Author. This means, that sometime an Information is published from two or three People. Mostly in the duplicates we can see that this is just an referer, or the duplicate tells us, which Author it is.

This was the difficult part of this Process. Then we show the Body of the Message. The Body has the following Format:

:“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent semper quam vel quam blandit ac semper enim aliquam. Pellentesque dignissim sapien id quam hendrerit gravida et id dolor. Suspendisse sapien orci, imperdiet eget mollis ac, pulvinar eu erat. Aliquam et molestie ligula. Vestibulum massa tortor, ullamcorper ut tristique vitae, egestas sit amet ligula. Proin mollis dictum tortor vitae fringilla. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Suspendisse non nunc sit amet lorem lobortis sollicitudin quis nec lacus. Curabitur vehicula nibh lacus, vitae imperdiet orci. Phasellus eget accumsan dolor. Nullam varius aliquam augue, a auctor turpis fringilla vitae. Phasellus quis purus sit amet nulla dapibus blandit vel sagittis erat.“

If you just would like to provide a Link, then you can use the Dashboard too.  Just go to the end of the Side, to the Topic „Links“. There you can place your Link.

In both Options, you have to tell us, who you are. So  you can place after your Post: –~~~~ Then the Wiki sets up a Timestap.

Last but not least we have to say:  Please don’t edit the Issue directly (eg It is better to use the Dashboard.

Now we hoping that we clarified all. 🙂

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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