openSUSE Wiki Transition (little Report)

Since a few month we are working inside the wiki. As you are maybe know, the sites under should moved to So it isn’t so that it sounds like many work, it IS many work. I think, we have thought that it is lesser work, but now we are in the middle of that, and we must show forward to the End of it.
In the Past many little gnomes was very active in that work like: henne, rupert, rajko, jon, christian, thomas, michl, frank and from our german wiki team: uwe, marcel and open_assistant has done a great work. So i would like to thank all of our Contributors. If i have forgotten anyone in the List, thats my error.
The German Reviewing Process starts very good. After the first Call for contribution we have built a team with 4 Contributors, and all was motivated to help with reviewing. We have many Articles checked, many reworked and all fixed to the new style. We had in the german team created 3 Transition Lists. Two are ready and the third is near to ready. So we are very pleased to tell you that.
In the english Wiki our mates have done an great job, too. They have two transition Lists, but some articles from the reviewing side of view needs work. But for the english wiki we must say, that our mates are working on two places. The old http://en.o.o. and the http://wiki.o.o. Inside the new wiki we can see many transfered Articles. Some are on an new place, but all in all, i think that it is easier for the new Users to find the needed Information. If you would like, just visit to make your own impression of that work.
Important: We still need Contributors. So if you speak, read and understand english, please join our team and help us with our reviewing Process. Now i give you two adresses you can write to for joining the teams. For the english team write to: (first subscribe please) and for the german team:
We need you, the Community, to finish our work. Please help us. Then we can enjoy the new wiki soon 🙂

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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