Siga (System Information GAthering) Project forked

Maybe some of us knowing a Commandline Tool called "Siga". SIGA stands for System Information GAthering. It collects various system information and outputs it in HTML or ASCII format.

Why this is important

It is very handy as an information source during installation support phone calls. You are experiencing an issue with your installation of openSuSE and to help technical support analyse the cause of the problem as fast as possible, you want to assist them by providing information specific to your system. Through siga you can find the needed Informations very quick.

Around siga

Sadly the original Developers (ML and others) don’t work into this Project. So i’ve forked siga into gitub. Siga is an Open Source Software, so you can make copies, branches, you can help developing and all this things you need. At the Moment we have the Version 11-000. If you want to help, then we can release a higher Number soon. A short Documentation you can find there.

And i would like to say a big "Thanks" to the previous Developers.


* openSUSE 11.2: (openSUSE BuildService)

* openSUSE 11.3: (openSUSE BuildService)

* One Klick Install(One Klick Installer).

* (Ohloh Projectpage)

* (Source Repository from Github)

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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