New Package for openSUSE: Skrooge 0.7.2

I’m pleased to announce the new Package 0.7.2 of the financial Software skrooge.

What happens in this Version?

The release announcement says:


  • Use standard KDE dialogs for password management
  • Applet for dashboard to display tip of the day
  • CSV import of splits and transfers
  • CSV import is able to oncatenate many attributes in „comment“ or „payee“
  • CSV import can import unknown attributes as properties
  • Export XML
  • „Search & Process“ is able to search, update, insert and delete properties
  • All currencies are now available in unit page
  • Open property picture associated to an object
  • Customisable date formats


  • bug 233895: Switching account from 1 type to another with multi-sel is modifying the initial balance
  • bug 233930: QIF address field is not imported
  • bug 234595: Better handling of category deletion ==> Reparent operations on parent category when a category is removed
  • bug 234608: Some gnucash notes are lost during import phase
  • bug 234771: Problem importing ofx file
  • bug 234845: Bad Account after importing ofx

As usual, the changelog contains the complete list of changes.

Where to find openSUSE Packages?

In the Past i have published skrooge in the KDE:KDE4:Community. But now i have moved to the new KDE Community Repository: KDE:Extra ( There you can find now the new Version.

You like skrooge? Then join our Ohloh Group

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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