Two new Packages for openSUSE [kpassgen, calibre]

The last days i was a little bit busy. I worked on the moving og my Packages fro KDE:KDE4:Community to KDE:Extra. So i left my Packaagers chair for some little non needed Progs.

But now i’m finished.

The first Candidate is kpassgen.

KPassgen is worked by Michael Daffin ( After a year of abscinence in kpassgen he gives us the brandnew Version 1.0.

What he has done since the last publishing? Michael says:

4 September 2010, Version 1.0:
– Rewrote almost everything 🙂
– New UI, cleaner/simpler and better organised
– Added a Unique Characters Only option
– Added a Ambiguous Option

As expected i’ve created Packages for openSUSE: For that you just need to add KDE:Extra ( into your Repository Manager. After that you can just type "kpassgen" and then you reached your goal.

The second Candidate is calibre

I like calibre since many Versions. A very good Book Reader & Manager.The both Calibre Package Maintainer have recieved the information about a new release of Calibre to Version 0.7.17. But what happened since the other Release?

The Developer Kovid Goyal gives us a first intro.

– New Features

o Content server: Show custom column data in the book listing

o Add preference to automatically set a tag when adding books (Preferences->General)

o Add a tweak to create compound search terms. Show error message in tooltip when user inputs an invalid search query.

o Managing multiple libraries: Allow renaming/deleting libraries from the Choose library menu

o Searching on series index is now possible. See the User Manual for details.

– Bug Fixes

o Fix regression in 0.7.16 that broke conversion of HTML files with preprocess turned on

o MOBI Output: When converting an input document that specifies an inline TOC in the but not in the , add it correctly. Fixes #6661 (Conversion to MOBI fails to create TOC)

o JetBook driver: Only use JetBook naming scheme for txt, pdf and fb2 files.

o Copy to library action now respects merge preferences

o Fix bug in email sending when using an SSL connection

o Kobo driver: Fix bug that prevented metadata caching from working correctly

o Fix regression in 0.7.16 that caused calibre to forget its preferences on each restart for new installs on linux

o News downloads: Cut off long downloaded from URLs

For all who like to test the new Version, just add as your Software Repository. So you should find after installing a Program like calibre. Then just enjoy it 🙂


Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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