New Webinar at Linux Foundation

Yesterday i’ve got a Message from Linux Foundation. The Mail says, that the fourth Part of the Webinars are available.

What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is a free Trainingvideo with different Topics. Each new Webinar has a new Topic. The whole Training is a Video in a Flashplayer, that contains a talk and you can see the Slides or the stuff what makes the Man (Women) who gives the Talk. Before you can access the Webinar, you must request a Session-Key, what you can do there. On the Registersite you just must place your Name, Emailadress and Company, and in the next Step you got the Key. That Key you put in the next Page, and then you have access to see the Video. As Extra Present you can also Download that as OGG. The Webinars are interesting, and if i haven’t understand anything, i can go back and hear it another Time.

What is in the actual Webinar?

James Bottomley (Novell) gives an "Introduction to git". Try it out and learn more about git.

Sources: (Blogpost) (Sign Up)

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