New Package for openSUSE: assuma (Association Subscribers Manager)

I’m pleased to announce the Version 3.2.0 of assuma. As known, you can install it through the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib and the KDE:KDE4:Community Repositories.

Association Subscribers Manager is a Software for Clubs and Associatons. You can administrate your Members and all you need. The Projectsite is: . The OpenDesktop Site is:

Have a lot of fun 🙂

New Package: kmymoney4 (openSUSE)

I’m happy to Announce the kmymoney4 Package for KDE4-Unstable and KDE4-Factory in openSUSE. You can get it through adding the KDE:KDE4:Community Repository into the Repository Manager fro YaST. After that you can install it just with „zypper in kmymoney4“ or with using YaST. While the Installation zypper or YaST saying, that the old KMyMoney goes deinstalling. That’s okay, you can agree that.

After the Installation, you can create a new Account, or you can load an old exisitng once.

This Software hast ATM a Beta Staus. So you work on your own risk. But as far as i seen, it is stable and usable.

So i wish you many joy with testing this. 🙂

Valentine’s Day 2010: Let other show your Love for Free Software

We all knowing, that on 14. February this Year we celebrating the Valentine’s Day. This is an goog Day to share you Love for Free Software with your Friends, This Campain is started by Free Software Foundation Europe. All Details of this Campain you can see under: Have alot of Fun 🙂

Call for Participation: KDE Project needs help before relaunch

Today i recieved an Tweet from Lydia Pintscher. Lydia wrote, that the KDE Project needs help.

What is to do? The goal is to find some simple data about KDE’s programs following by a template and putting them on the wiki. She tells us, that Screenshots also needed. The community wiki has more details. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all the data for a certain program. Fill in as much as you know.  If you have questions come to #kde-www on freenode or drop me an email at lydia at kde org.

Call for Participation: openSUSE-Medical

Abstract: I’m pleased to announce an new Subproject from openSUSE: openSUSE_Medical. This new Project tries to package more Software for doctors’s practice or clinical needs. With our work we try to bridge a gap in the market.
Logistic: For better logistic we have opened an new OBS Project called „medical“. You can use it as Repo Our new Wikisite is placed under: There you find our new Mailinglist for our Project.
What is to do? We try to package more Software. I’ve found this List about Free Medical Software. we thought, that we can try to build one Software each purpose. If this is done, we can try to package more Software. But it is important to package not too much. This is an Joy-Project.
What we need: First of all we need Packager. This Project is for beginner’s packaging  and for Packaging Specialists. We have stuff for everyone.

If you want to join our Team, just send a Message to:

Skrooge 0.5.3 Packaged for openSUSE

I’m pleased to announce the new Version 0.5.3 from Skrooge. In this Packageversion i’ve fixed three Bugzilla Bugs.  The first Bug #545103 and the second Bug #549803 depends on my bad old using from the Requires Tag in the Package. The third Bug #543994 is official fixed. If you can’t see the Components Chooser on the left Side from Skrooge, just close skrooge, type „kbuildsycoca4“ in the Console and restart.

Amarok 2.2.0 Package for openSUSE

One week ago, i’ve announced my last change for handling „audio/x-vorbis+ogg“. Today i’ve fixed some RPMLint Errors. To fix an „devel files in no devel Packages“ Error was easy. It was just to fix with creating an new *-devel Subpackage. Then RPMLint has labeled as error that the Package obsoletes itself. The Configuration was „Provides: kde4-amarok = 2.2.0“ and „Obsoletes: kde4-amarok <= 2.2.0“. So i’ve changed it to „kde4-amarok <= 2.1.99“. Then i’ve created an rpmlintrc and added the unstripped file issue. Maybe i look tomorrow for the other Warnings. The status quo can be checked out in the KDE:KDE4:Playground Repository.

Skrooge Changes

Since a few days i’m working on Skrooge 0.5.x. ATM i’m committed 0.5.2 to the KDE:KDE4:Community Repository. If this builds good, i plan to fix the two open Bugreports:

* Bug 545103 – skrooge has requirement for non-existent component
* Bug 543994 – skrooge gives blank context chooser

Please wait so long…

WIP: Bugreport skrooge gives blank context chooser (Bug 543994)

At the Moment i’m working on the skrooge Bug.

User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/4.3; Linux) KHTML/4.3.1
(like Gecko) SUSE

skrooge starts up but gives a blank context chooser. I get the following error
when it starts but it still allows me to continue.


[ERR-5]: Loading plugin Skrooge scheduled plugin failed because the factory
could not be found in skrooge_scheduled

You can follow the Bugfixing: If you have an Idea about that you can just leave a comment.

OOo4kids: Special Version for Kids

Today i found in interesting Project called „OpenOffice for Kids“. I have reviewed it and maked some Snapshots. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen