bleachbit 0.7.3 for openSUSE packaged

I’m pleased to announce the new Version 0.7.3 of bleachbit for openSUSE. The new Package can found in the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repository.

What bleachbit does? The Projectsite tells us: BleachBit frees disk space and maintains privacy. Cleans cache, Internet history, temporary files, cookies, and broken shortcuts. Cleans Bash, Firefox, Flash, Google Earth, Internet Explorer, Java, KDE,, Opera, RealPlayer, Safari, and more.

Whats happend since the last Version?
– The following changes have been made since 0.7.2:
* Cleans Mozilla Thunderbird versions 2 and 3.
* Specific to Linux
o Clean Screenlets (thanks to MixCool).

In the original Changelog was a lot more Changes, but these was just for Windows. So have a lot of Fun with the new bleachbit!

Updated openSUSE Package: lynis 1.2.9

I’m pleased to announce a new Version of our Package lynis. Now we have the Version 1.2.9. The Package is reachable in the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repository. This release adds several fixes and improvements for Squid, a few new tests, and improved logging and reporting.

Updated Package for openSUSE: python-icalendar 2.1

I’m pleased to announce my updated Package python-icalendar for openSUSE. It is available in openSUSE:Factory:Contrib.

Whats happend since the last Version? Changes.txt tells us:

2.1 (2009-12-14)

* Fix deprecation warnings about `object.__init__` taking no parameters.

* Set the VALUE parameter correctly for date values.

* Long binary data would be base64 encoded with newlines, which made the iCalendar files incorrect. (This still needs testing).

* Correctly handle content lines which include newlines.

iCalendar 2.0.1 (2008-07-11)

* EXDATE and RDATE now returns a vDDDLists object, which contains a list of vDDDTypes objects. This is do that EXDATE and RDATE can contain lists of dates, as per RFC.

***Note!***: This change is incompatible with earlier behavior, so if you handle EXDATE and RDATE you will need to update your code.

* When createing a vDuration of -5 hours (which in itself is nonsensical), the ical output of that was -P1DT19H, which is correct, but ugly. Now it’s ‚-PT5H‘, which is prettier.

* Made the tests run under Python 2.5+

* Renamed the UTC class to Utc, so it would not clash with the UTC object, since that rendered the UTC object unpicklable.

Updated Package for openSUSE: bleachbit 0.7.2

I’m pleased to announce my updated bleachbit Package for openSUSE.

What’s new?

The following changes have been made since 0.7.1:

  • Fix deleting Firefox version 3 passwords.
  • Add new menu option to show system information useful for reporting bugs. Click Help – System Information.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Clean Konqueror cache, history, and cookies.
    • Fix bug launching BleachBit as Administrator on Ubuntu and Debian.
    • Improve the completion notification: do not show if the BleachBit application window is in focus, and if it is not, automatically remove the notification after 10 seconds.

This Package is committed to openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repo.

Updated Package for openSUSE: rkhunter 1.3.6

I’m pleased to announce the new rkhunter Package for openSUSE.

What’s new in this package? The Project says:

This release offers more ease of use by adding more end-user configuration options and aids detection by adding and improving rootkit and malware checks.

The change log lists 29 additions including 9 configuration options and details for 12 rootkits, 29 changes including improvements for 15 rootkit checks and 22 bugfixes. Naming a few:

  • New IGNORE_PRELINK_DEP_ERR configuration option in case of persistent prelink dependency errors.
  • New USER_FILEPROP_FILES_DIRS configuration option to add files and directories to the file properties check.
  • New COPY_LOG_ON_ERROR configuration option to copy the log file if any errors or warnings have occurred.
  • New WEBCMD configuration option to specify the command used to download data file updates from the Internet.
  • Rkhunter will look for configuration options in the main configuration file, and then in the local configuration file if it exists.
  • New SHARED_LIB_WHITELIST configuration option for whitelisting preloaded shared libraries.
  • New WARN_ON_OS_CHANGE configuration option. If unset then no warnings will be shown.
  • New UPDT_ON_OS_CHANGE configuration option. If set and the O/S has changed then rkhunter will automatically update properties (‚rkhunter –propupd‘).
  • Added support for hash functions SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 using CPAN perl modules Digest-SHA-PurePerl or SHA256.
  • New UPDATE_LANG configuration option.
  • New ALLOWPROMISCIF configuration option.
  • New PKGMGR_NO_VRFY configuration option for fine-grained package manager verification process control.
  • Rootkit checks added: Adore Rootkit (aka strings.o aka Dextenea) cb, CX, Fu, iLLogiC,, ‚Spanish‘, trNkit, Xzibit, ZK.
  • Updated rootkit / malware checks: Ambient (ark), beX2, BOBkit, Dica-kit, Dreams, Enye LKM, evil strings test, Fleakit, FreeBSD, Phalanx2, SHV4, Universal (URK).

This Package is now available in openSUSE:Factory:Contrib.

New packaged for openSUSE: bleachbit 0.7.1

I’m pleased to announce the new version 0.7.1 from bleachbit is published in openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repo.

Whats new in this Version?

– The following changes have been made since 0.7.0:

* When clicking File – Shred, default to the home directory instead of a system directory.
* Improve the usability of the security warning dialog (typically only seen in portable mode).
* Improve the appearance of the preferences dialog on some non-English languages.
* Do not include the tests as part of the standard installation to save disk space.
* Specific to Linux
o After taking longer than 10 seconds to finish, show a non-intrusive notification.
o Fix handling of filenames with invalid encoding that could have caused an application freeze.
o Add warning for Nautilus.
o Delete Apache logs (thanks to Roman Horník)
o Clean more of Emesene 1.0 cache (thanks to Danilo Piazzalunga)
o Bonus pack
+ Fix system logs cleaner
+ Clean XBMC Media Center (thanks to Roman Horník)

The original Project can be found in:

Call for Participation: openSUSE-Medical

Abstract: I’m pleased to announce an new Subproject from openSUSE: openSUSE_Medical. This new Project tries to package more Software for doctors’s practice or clinical needs. With our work we try to bridge a gap in the market.
Logistic: For better logistic we have opened an new OBS Project called „medical“. You can use it as Repo Our new Wikisite is placed under: There you find our new Mailinglist for our Project.
What is to do? We try to package more Software. I’ve found this List about Free Medical Software. we thought, that we can try to build one Software each purpose. If this is done, we can try to package more Software. But it is important to package not too much. This is an Joy-Project.
What we need: First of all we need Packager. This Project is for beginner’s packaging  and for Packaging Specialists. We have stuff for everyone.

If you want to join our Team, just send a Message to:

freemed: Version 0.8.4 packaged for openSUSE!

I’m pleased to announce the publishing of the freemed 0.8.4 Package.  FreeMED is an opensource electronic medical record (EMR) and medical management system. This is an PHP/Apache driven Software.

You can download it from home:saigkill:medical.

SUSEnews (Translation Tool for Weekly News) are published in 0.1.4beta1

The Week Sebastian Schöbinger announced the new Version 0.1.4 beta1. This great Tool is an Program for the openSUSE Weekly News Team, and its an Translation-Helper-Program. I like this Program, and i hope that many Teammembers use this nice piece of code.


What’s happend since the last version?

  • openSUSE Weekly News “Light Version”
  • saigkill joined the developer team

The most important Change is the Support for the Light Version. We have two different Templates. The Full Template is for Translators who would like to translate the whole Issue. For Translators with lesser time, they can use the Light Template. In this Template the Translator just translate the Subjects.

BTW: We need Translators. If you speak an other Language as english, you can write to: and we can integrate you in our Team. We have just nice boys, no bad boys 🙂

Today i’ve packaged SUSEnews, and the Package can be found in the home:saigkill Repository.

Amarok 2.2.0 Package for openSUSE

One week ago, i’ve announced my last change for handling „audio/x-vorbis+ogg“. Today i’ve fixed some RPMLint Errors. To fix an „devel files in no devel Packages“ Error was easy. It was just to fix with creating an new *-devel Subpackage. Then RPMLint has labeled as error that the Package obsoletes itself. The Configuration was „Provides: kde4-amarok = 2.2.0“ and „Obsoletes: kde4-amarok <= 2.2.0“. So i’ve changed it to „kde4-amarok <= 2.1.99“. Then i’ve created an rpmlintrc and added the unstripped file issue. Maybe i look tomorrow for the other Warnings. The status quo can be checked out in the KDE:KDE4:Playground Repository.