Hamradio Packages

Since one year i give my Contribution into the Hamradio @ openSUSE Project. And i serve as Maintainer for some Packages:

  • libatlas3
  • necpp
  • qantenna.

Sadly i’m not a CB-Funk Man. So i can’t test the Software in real Life. Please if you use Hamradio. test the Packagesa and give me an Feedback.

libatlas3 3.9.14 WIP

A few days ago Stefan Bruens has cleaned up our Specfile from libatlas3- This Week comes the new Version 3.9.14 out. But sadly the configure File was changed. In older Versions i can use ./configure –with-netlib-lapack=%{buildroot}/%{_libdir}. We have lapack in an own Package, and we have this Package in our libatlas3’s BuildRequires. So we can access lapack through the configure Option.

But in the present Version the Option was changed to: –with-netlib-lapack-tarfile=<path to lapack tarfile>. That means that i must add the lapack tar.gz into the buildroot. And that is (in my view) sad. Why we have created the lapack Package? So i’ve proposed in the atlas-devel List, to implement the old Option too. So the Packager can choose which Solution is good for him. I hope that we getting an new Version with the old Option.

ATM i’m getting Errors in make.lib, and i think that depends on the missing lapack.tar.gz. We hoping for a fast new Version….

Updated: necpp 1.3.0+cvs20090101

The Program necpp in Version 1.3.0+cvs20090101 is out. I’ve published it in hamradio:/ and home:saigkill.

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