Updated Package: kde4-skrooge


Package: kde4-skrooge

Version: 0.5.0

Repository: KDE:KDE4:Community

Date: 08/31/2009 17:43 UTC



# *Correction bug 201316: import qif extra tag support

# *Correction bug 201157: Graphs no longer displayed

# *Correction bug 201289: Compiler error on GCC 4.1.2 (enum with KDE_EXPORT or similar macro)

# *Correction bug 201451: qif import other liability account type

# *Correction bug 201697: Pointed operation can be deleted

# *Correction bug 201800: Filter issue with number formatting

# *Correction bug 202167: Payee list should be ordered in a case insensitive way

# *Correction bug 202341: Combobox lists are not sorted in a locale-aware way

# *Correction bug 202384: Skrooge always wants to update report bookmarks on exit

# *Correction bug 202636: Hidden columns are sometimes displayed

# *Correction bug 203894: Skrooge crashes when launched with –nofork

# *Correction activation of „Values“ button in „Units“ page

# *New password is no more displayed when changed

# *New function to merge an imported operation with an operation manually entered

# *New refund icon

# *New widget for dashboard „Shares and indexes“

# *Modification titles on „operation“ pages to differentiate „operations“ and „sub operations“

# *“sub operations“ can be identified by a specific font and color (see settings)

# *Correction bug: Created search is not selected after creation

# *Correction performance issue on zoom when antialiasing is enable

# *Addition of 5 main categories of expenditure in monthly reports

# *Rename „Bookmark“ for operation by „Highlight“

# *Rename „Trait“ by „Process“

# *Set minimum size for amounts fields

# *Only one „Import…“ command for all supported format.

# *Support of QFX import

# *New settings for import CSV

# *Dashboard is now clickable

# *Dashboard is modifiable (see contextual menu on each widget) and state can be saved

# *Addition of „Fast edition“ without amount modification. It’s useful to modify imported operations

# *Only one instance of skrooge can be launched.

# *Imports can be done in command line. Example „skrooge myfile.ofx“ with skrooge running

# *If an invalid expression is entered for the amount, the field is written in red, and the expression is kept to allow correction from the user (previously, 0 was displayed).

# *“New tab“ is now managed by Ctrl+Shift+T

# *Popup to ask if you want to save current state of pages.

# *Bookmark storage is no more dependant of language translation


I plan to change the kde4-skrooge with skrooge. I add an %obsoletes kde4-skrooge. This Change comes with the next Scrooge Version.