New Package for openSUSE: Skrooge 0.7.2

I’m pleased to announce the new Package 0.7.2 of the financial Software skrooge.

What happens in this Version?

The release announcement says:


  • Use standard KDE dialogs for password management
  • Applet for dashboard to display tip of the day
  • CSV import of splits and transfers
  • CSV import is able to oncatenate many attributes in „comment“ or „payee“
  • CSV import can import unknown attributes as properties
  • Export XML
  • „Search & Process“ is able to search, update, insert and delete properties
  • All currencies are now available in unit page
  • Open property picture associated to an object
  • Customisable date formats


  • bug 233895: Switching account from 1 type to another with multi-sel is modifying the initial balance
  • bug 233930: QIF address field is not imported
  • bug 234595: Better handling of category deletion ==> Reparent operations on parent category when a category is removed
  • bug 234608: Some gnucash notes are lost during import phase
  • bug 234771: Problem importing ofx file
  • bug 234845: Bad Account after importing ofx

As usual, the changelog contains the complete list of changes.

Where to find openSUSE Packages?

In the Past i have published skrooge in the KDE:KDE4:Community. But now i have moved to the new KDE Community Repository: KDE:Extra ( There you can find now the new Version.

You like skrooge? Then join our Ohloh Group

Skrooge Changes

Since a few days i’m working on Skrooge 0.5.x. ATM i’m committed 0.5.2 to the KDE:KDE4:Community Repository. If this builds good, i plan to fix the two open Bugreports:

* Bug 545103 – skrooge has requirement for non-existent component
* Bug 543994 – skrooge gives blank context chooser

Please wait so long…

WIP: Bugreport skrooge gives blank context chooser (Bug 543994)

At the Moment i’m working on the skrooge Bug.

User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/4.3; Linux) KHTML/4.3.1
(like Gecko) SUSE

skrooge starts up but gives a blank context chooser. I get the following error
when it starts but it still allows me to continue.


[ERR-5]: Loading plugin Skrooge scheduled plugin failed because the factory
could not be found in skrooge_scheduled

You can follow the Bugfixing: If you have an Idea about that you can just leave a comment.

Now out: kde4-skrooge 0.2.7

Hi Mates,

now out: kde4-skrooge 0.2.7. Published in openSUSE:Factory:Contrib and KDE:KDE4:Community.