Updated openSUSE Package: lynis 1.2.9

I’m pleased to announce a new Version of our Package lynis. Now we have the Version 1.2.9. The Package is reachable in the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repository. This release adds several fixes and improvements for Squid, a few new tests, and improved logging and reporting.

published bleachbit 0.6.4

Now i’m pleased to Announce that bleachbit 0.6.4 is available in Repository openSUSE:Factory:Contrib.


The following changes are included since 0.6.3:

* Add command line interface. Often requested as a new feature, the command line interface lets you invoke BleachBit from scripts, cron, batch files, or the Windows Task Scheduler. For example, BleachBit can automatically vacuum Firefox each night or each time you login.
* At the end of the log, show how many files were deleted, how many special operations were performed, and how many errors occurred, if any. Before only the size was shown.
* When you close BleachBit while it is wiping free disk space, BleachBit will now quickly stop wiping free disk space.
* When manually shredding files (by clicking File – Shred Files), BleachBit now ignores the related preference regarding overwriting files.
* Make BleachBit easier to port to other POSIX systems such as NetBSD. (BleachBit is already available in NetBSD.)
* Fix two spelling typos.
* Fix small bugs.
* Improve unit tests.
* Specific to Linux
o Honour GNOME appearance settings for toolbars (text below icon, icon only, etc).
o Fix Yum error checking for non-English languages.
* Specific to Windows
o Shrink the installer by 6% by using a unique translation compression technique on the GTK+ localizations. If you notice any untranslated strings, please report them.
o Clean Opera 10.0 final.
o Delete one more Windows system log file.
o Offer an English-only download which is 11% smaller than downloading all the translations.
o Make the software update notification more obvious.

Updated Package: bleachbit

The Package bleachbit was updated to 0.5.4.

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Saschas Backtrace: System-Helper Lynis

The Group how has maked „Rootkit Hunter“, has released a new Systemtool. Now the Linux Community has a new Security and System Auditing  Tool called „Lynis“.

Lynis is a Shell-Program, that uses Chkconfig, Readlink, Stat and Strigs. The Download is very easy, the RPM-Package is available in OpenSUSE-Build Service.

After installation you can use it with: # lynis-c (as root). Then the Program checks your System. Here is a screenshot:

If you would like to start lynis regularly you can edit your crontab:

# crontab -e
# 16 6 * * * root /usr/bin/lynis -c –cronjob

You can see the Testresults on the fly in the screen, or you can read the full Report in /var/log/lynis-report.dat .
The Config lays in /etc/lynis/lynis.prf, so you can edit this to your wishes. And the Manpage are to be read with: # lynis –man .

The actually Version of this Program is stable and runs very good.