Live from the openSUSE Conference 2010 in Nuremberg

Today it starts: The new openSUSE Conference. We have over 240 Registrations before start. Some Registrants sleeping in the Hotel from the Berufsbildungswerk. I’m living in the third floor. And i am happy, a clean and convenient room.
Today the Conference starts at 09:30 with Henne Vogelsangs Talk „Get your ass up!“. He motivates us, not just to talk about what is to do. We should just doing anything and have fun.
The next Talk i’ve listened was Lubos Lunaks talk about „Easy multi – distribution package builds with the buid service. Lubos explained us, how to use the kde-obs-generator. This Program needs just a singe INFO File with the needed Inforations, and the Program creates from that a *.spec File and two debian*.control Files. So we have all for building Packages for Fedora, Mandriva, Debian and Ubuntu. This talk motivates me to try it out. Maybe i can support in Future my Packages who i maintain in more Destinations.
The next talk i’ve listened was „Tracking the latest Upstream“ from Vincent Untz. This talk was very interesting. All of the Packagers knowing this. Have i packaged the last available Source? Maybe yesterday comes a new Source update? So we have to proof that. For this, Vincent explained, that we can use for that the plugin osc colab. This tool can track the Sourcecode. So i have to try it out if i come home at Sunday.
ATM i’m llistening to Adrian Schröters talk „Maintainance made easy with OBS“. Adrian has explained us, what OBS is, what are the present features (like services), and what is to be done.
All in all i’m very happy to learn such things. The next Talks i’m listen to are „More openSUSE at Home and in the Office“, „Effective Packaging“, „Spreading Applications as LiveCD using OBS & SUSE Studio“ and „Alice in Wonderland – virtualizing openSUSE“. At 19:00 we have a open Kino there. That means a non commercial Movie. And so on.
All in all i would like to invite all of our Readers to come to us and stay in Nürnberg. The next Days are fully compressed with interesting Talks and BOFs. So come to us and stay with us. 🙂

Kernel Prominence at LinuxConf

I’ve just found an interesting Video from the LinuxConf. We’re watching an Interview with Linus Torvalds, Greg Kroah-Hartmann, Chris Wright, Jonathan Corbet, J.E.J. Bottomley and Ted T’so.

Live from the openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg

Yes, i’m here in Nürnberg. The Conference is very interesting. Yesterday i’ve given an Talk „Getting to know the openSUSE Weekly News.“ After my Talk i had visited Joe Brockmeiers „openSUSE Ambassador Program“, Holger Sickenbergs „Testing of the openSUSE Distribution and Will Stephensons „Future of openSUSE KDE“. This day was an Motivation for me, to be a part of the Testing Team. Through an Emulator i can run the Milestones without installing. I think, that  i can do it. I’m writing Bugreports.

Today i’ve visited Alexandra Leisses Talk „Community and Contributions“, then Scott Reves and Takashi Iwais Talk „Alsa and Pulseaudio on openSuSE“, then Build your own Linux Distribution during Lunch Break“ and Jan Simon Mollers Talk „openSUSE and ARM „GSoC and beyond“. This day, and the Discussion with the other Mates, motivated me to create an new Repository in OBS called „Medical“. Inside this i put Packages with Medical Relationships. If i have some Packages inside that, i plan to make an SUSE Studio Imahe for Medical Doctors or Clinical Professional Enviroment.

Tomorrow i give an second Talk called „Softwareprograms under Linux and Presenting important Software“. This Talk i give in the German Language. Maybe i can Blog in the next Days too. But if you are not sure, and if you have some Time at Saturday or Sunday, you can meet us in Nürnberg.

BtW. Today we have interviewed Frank Karlitschek for RadioTux.

openSUSE Conference 2009

Maybe you have heard about that. Next Week from 17 – 20 September starts the first openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg (Germany). Im very interested in that event because it is the first time who Novell gives the Conference. You can checkout the Page: find out what happens. I’m pleased to give to talks there. The first topic is: Getting to know the Weekly News. In that talk i’m speaking about our openSUSE Weekly News. I give an Introduction how we organized, which teams we have and what we need. The second Talk is: Participation in Free and Opensource Software. The last Talk is in german because the openDay Track is just in german. The first Talk is ready, and i’m starting tomorrow with the second talk.

I wish you an good night and hope to see you at the Conference 🙂

Call for Contribution: LinuxTag @ RadioTux

RadioTux – the german Linuxradio – are present in LinuxTag Berlin. The following Community-Guys would be interviewed:

* Joe Zonker Brockmeier – openSUSE Community, SUSE Community Week, SUSE Summit
* Cornelius Schuhmacher – SUSE Studio
* Brent McDonnell – iFolder
* Jan Weber-SUSE Education.

If you have any Questions, you can submit the Questions to: Then we’re using your Questions Live at LinuxTag.

Searching for Stories from the OpenSUSE Weekly News

Hello Mates,

the OpenSUSE Weekly News is searching about Stories from Visitors of the Community Week, and Summits from the Teams.

Emails are welcome by:

OpenSUSE Weekly News: How to make a Newsletter?

Yesterday from 10:00 to 20:00 UTC the Weekly News Team holds an Session: „How to make a Newsletter?“. The Team prepared 2 Presentations:

* How to make an Newsletter and
* How to translate a Newsletter? (Thanks to Satoru).

So the Visitors can get an Overview about the Project. In an integrated Question and Answer Session Visitors can recieve Informations. We had construct an Special Edtion from the Community Week. The Special Edition merged the Blog Post, other Posts to one Site. You can see our Result:

The activity in the Channel was low. We hope that today more Visitors come to #opensuse-newsletter. For first Introductions we placed the Page: .

If you would like to learn more about Translating you can visit us today from 12:00 to 14:00 in IRC: #opensuse-newsletter @ Freenode. The German Translaton will be held on #opensuse-de.

We hope to see you today …

Your Weekly News Team