Live from the openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg

Yes, i’m here in Nürnberg. The Conference is very interesting. Yesterday i’ve given an Talk „Getting to know the openSUSE Weekly News.“ After my Talk i had visited Joe Brockmeiers „openSUSE Ambassador Program“, Holger Sickenbergs „Testing of the openSUSE Distribution and Will Stephensons „Future of openSUSE KDE“. This day was an Motivation for me, to be a part of the Testing Team. Through an Emulator i can run the Milestones without installing. I think, that  i can do it. I’m writing Bugreports.

Today i’ve visited Alexandra Leisses Talk „Community and Contributions“, then Scott Reves and Takashi Iwais Talk „Alsa and Pulseaudio on openSuSE“, then Build your own Linux Distribution during Lunch Break“ and Jan Simon Mollers Talk „openSUSE and ARM „GSoC and beyond“. This day, and the Discussion with the other Mates, motivated me to create an new Repository in OBS called „Medical“. Inside this i put Packages with Medical Relationships. If i have some Packages inside that, i plan to make an SUSE Studio Imahe for Medical Doctors or Clinical Professional Enviroment.

Tomorrow i give an second Talk called „Softwareprograms under Linux and Presenting important Software“. This Talk i give in the German Language. Maybe i can Blog in the next Days too. But if you are not sure, and if you have some Time at Saturday or Sunday, you can meet us in Nürnberg.

BtW. Today we have interviewed Frank Karlitschek for RadioTux.

Howto: How to create an Userpage

Novell account
First of all, in order to access the forums, build service, features, and bugzilla information a Novell user account must be created.  To create an account visit: and fill out the Form.

After creating a Novell account, you should automatically be logged in and directed to:  If you are not automatically logged in, navigate to, select “Login” at the top right, and enter your user name and password.

User page
Once you have completed logging in, your user name will be displayed at the top right of the page.
Clicking on your user name will display your user page.  Since you have not edited your page yet, it should be relatively empty.

To edit your user page click on „edit“.  A „Wiki“ text entry box will be displayed, allowing you to enter information you would like to share about yourself, such as, your Name, email address, or instant messenger information.

Picture uploading
If you would like to add a picture of yourself, navigate to and select a file you wish to upload.  Take note of the statement:

„To include the image in a page, use a link in the form [[Image:file.jpg]], [[Image:file.png|alt text]] or [[Media:file.ogg]] for directly linking to the file.“

This statement describes how to link/bind the freshly uploaded picture to your user page.

Bind your picture to your page by navigating back to your user page and clicking edit.  Click the „Embedded Image“ icon.  If you are not sure which icon is the „Embedded Image“ icon, hover your mouse over the various icons to display a description of each.

Once you have clicked the correct icon, the text: [[Image:file.jpg]] will be displayed in the „Wiki“ text box.  change the file name to the name of the picture you just uploaded.

Click Show preview to see a preview of your changes or Save page to commit the changes to your user page.

OpenSUSE Ambassador Programm

Wollen Sie helfen, die Öffentlichkeit über das openSUSE-Projekt zu informieren und mehr Menschen animieren zu einem Teil der OpenSUSE-Gemeinschaft zu werden? Sind Sie bereit ihre Ärmel hochzukrempeln und anzupacken. Wollen Sie neuen Linuxnutzern helfen, auf lokalen Veranstaltungen über openSUSE sprechen, helfen Installationsmedien mit openSUSE zu verteilen, und neuen Contributoren bei ihrem Einstieg in das openSUSE-Projekt helfen? Dann sollten Sie openSUSE Ambassador werden!

Es werden noch weitere Ambassadors rund um die Welt benötigt. Einfach mal auf gehen.

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