New Package: socialvpn

On the Market we knowing Programs like hamachi, that allows to create an Virtual Private Network (VPN). Inside the Opensource Projects i now found an similar Program called: socialvpn. It is Packaged in the home:saigkill Repository.  After installing the RPM, you find the Program under /usr/share/socialvpn. I’ve added an Initscript in the Package under /etc/init.d/socialvpn, that you can enable or disable with YaST/System/Runlevels.

For using socialvpn you authenticate yourself and the others via a Jabber Account. So if you haven’t an Jabber Account, you have to create one.

Now you run: „/usr/share/socialvpn/“. In the following you have to enter your Jabber Account and Passwort. Then a new Certificate is created.

After starting socialvpn via Mono, you can use Firefox (or your Browser) and type: „“. Then you can access all needed Settings. Now you can add your Friends Jabber Account. Before you can do that you must exchange the SVPN (Fingerprint from the socialvpn). Then you can add the Jabber Account and the SVPN from your friend. And if your Friend do the same, you have a running VPN.

Enjoy …

Update 3 Aug 2010: Sadly the socialVPN Program runs not anymore. The connect doesn’t work. So i’ve deleted the Packages from home:saigkill.

Change a Partition from ext3 to ext4

Since the last openSUSE Version we have the Option to make Partitions in ext4. In my case i have made the Rootpartition in ext4 and other Partitions in ext3. No i have found an HowTo for changing the other Partitions to ext4. I have changed the original Informations to the openSUSE needs.

First of all, please change your Runlevel, through typing „init 3“ into the Konsole. Then we have a clean Konsole. After logging in with „root„, we have the full Access to the Partitions.

If you type „mount„, you get the Partitions List. In the follwowing Paragraphs  we describe the Situation if „/dev/sda2“ is your Partiton, you need to change.

Then we go through „cd /“ into our Root. If we try to unmount our „/dev/sda2“ the Kernel says us, that he can’t unmount, because the Partition is in use. Now we have to type „fuser -km /dev/sda2“ and then we can unmount with „umount /dev/sda2„.

After Unmounting we type „tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/sda2„. Keep in mind, that the „O“ isn’t an digit, just an „dash on“.

Now we can type „fsck /dev/sda2„. FSCK says us, the some Points are changed, and if we say „Yes„, fsck repairs all needed things.

If that all runs without Errors, we finally type „mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /home (or what is needed)„.

To finishing your settings you have to go to „/etc/fstab„, and change your Entry /dev/sda2 from ext3 to ext4.

After rebooting, you’re working on ext4. Have a lot of fun 🙂

Thanks a lot to Distrowatch for claryfining this Point.

Updated openSUSE Package: lynis 1.2.9

I’m pleased to announce a new Version of our Package lynis. Now we have the Version 1.2.9. The Package is reachable in the openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repository. This release adds several fixes and improvements for Squid, a few new tests, and improved logging and reporting.

Updated Package for openSUSE: bleachbit 0.7.2

I’m pleased to announce my updated bleachbit Package for openSUSE.

What’s new?

The following changes have been made since 0.7.1:

  • Fix deleting Firefox version 3 passwords.
  • Add new menu option to show system information useful for reporting bugs. Click Help – System Information.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Clean Konqueror cache, history, and cookies.
    • Fix bug launching BleachBit as Administrator on Ubuntu and Debian.
    • Improve the completion notification: do not show if the BleachBit application window is in focus, and if it is not, automatically remove the notification after 10 seconds.

This Package is committed to openSUSE:Factory:Contrib Repo.

Updated Package for openSUSE: rkhunter 1.3.6

I’m pleased to announce the new rkhunter Package for openSUSE.

What’s new in this package? The Project says:

This release offers more ease of use by adding more end-user configuration options and aids detection by adding and improving rootkit and malware checks.

The change log lists 29 additions including 9 configuration options and details for 12 rootkits, 29 changes including improvements for 15 rootkit checks and 22 bugfixes. Naming a few:

  • New IGNORE_PRELINK_DEP_ERR configuration option in case of persistent prelink dependency errors.
  • New USER_FILEPROP_FILES_DIRS configuration option to add files and directories to the file properties check.
  • New COPY_LOG_ON_ERROR configuration option to copy the log file if any errors or warnings have occurred.
  • New WEBCMD configuration option to specify the command used to download data file updates from the Internet.
  • Rkhunter will look for configuration options in the main configuration file, and then in the local configuration file if it exists.
  • New SHARED_LIB_WHITELIST configuration option for whitelisting preloaded shared libraries.
  • New WARN_ON_OS_CHANGE configuration option. If unset then no warnings will be shown.
  • New UPDT_ON_OS_CHANGE configuration option. If set and the O/S has changed then rkhunter will automatically update properties (‚rkhunter –propupd‘).
  • Added support for hash functions SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 using CPAN perl modules Digest-SHA-PurePerl or SHA256.
  • New UPDATE_LANG configuration option.
  • New ALLOWPROMISCIF configuration option.
  • New PKGMGR_NO_VRFY configuration option for fine-grained package manager verification process control.
  • Rootkit checks added: Adore Rootkit (aka strings.o aka Dextenea) cb, CX, Fu, iLLogiC,, ‚Spanish‘, trNkit, Xzibit, ZK.
  • Updated rootkit / malware checks: Ambient (ark), beX2, BOBkit, Dica-kit, Dreams, Enye LKM, evil strings test, Fleakit, FreeBSD, Phalanx2, SHV4, Universal (URK).

This Package is now available in openSUSE:Factory:Contrib.

published bleachbit 0.6.4

Now i’m pleased to Announce that bleachbit 0.6.4 is available in Repository openSUSE:Factory:Contrib.


The following changes are included since 0.6.3:

* Add command line interface. Often requested as a new feature, the command line interface lets you invoke BleachBit from scripts, cron, batch files, or the Windows Task Scheduler. For example, BleachBit can automatically vacuum Firefox each night or each time you login.
* At the end of the log, show how many files were deleted, how many special operations were performed, and how many errors occurred, if any. Before only the size was shown.
* When you close BleachBit while it is wiping free disk space, BleachBit will now quickly stop wiping free disk space.
* When manually shredding files (by clicking File – Shred Files), BleachBit now ignores the related preference regarding overwriting files.
* Make BleachBit easier to port to other POSIX systems such as NetBSD. (BleachBit is already available in NetBSD.)
* Fix two spelling typos.
* Fix small bugs.
* Improve unit tests.
* Specific to Linux
o Honour GNOME appearance settings for toolbars (text below icon, icon only, etc).
o Fix Yum error checking for non-English languages.
* Specific to Windows
o Shrink the installer by 6% by using a unique translation compression technique on the GTK+ localizations. If you notice any untranslated strings, please report them.
o Clean Opera 10.0 final.
o Delete one more Windows system log file.
o Offer an English-only download which is 11% smaller than downloading all the translations.
o Make the software update notification more obvious.

Updated Package: bleachbit

The Package bleachbit was updated to 0.5.4.

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