Poll for our Weekly News Translators

The last Poll was for our Readers. Now the next Poll is for our Translators.

As shown in http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Weekly_news_contribute we have different possibilities for our Translators to create own Translations:

  • XML Source (You get the Sourcecode and you use it to create any other Format like Mediawiki)
  • XML with using QT Linguist r Lokalize (Then you use the english Stylesheets. You just translate the *.po Files and after translation it goes to the English XMLs and we create a native Issue for you)
  • Mediawiki: You want to have a Version in the en.o.o Wiki and translate it from there to any other Format like Mediawiki
  • HTML/news.opensuse.org: You use the HTML File to translate
  • XML/Docbook: You want to have a own Space with own Stylesheets and want to publish into HTML or PDF.

The poll is placed there: https://connect.opensuse.org/pg/polls/read/saigkill/11690/what-is-your-prefered-input-format

Please vote and help clarifying…

Über saigkill
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Marketing Team, Weekly News Team, openFATE Screening Team and BuildService.

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